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Bronze Age Cultures



The Bronze Age civilizations of the Near East are perhaps best known for their glorious culture and avant-garde innovations. The ancient Sumerians were perhaps the oldest and the best known among the Bronze Age civilizations of Mesopotamia. Not only were the Sumerians the earliest society to be based on religion and political administration, they also invented the wheel, boats, and ships.

Akkadian Empire

Sargon of Akkad built the first empire of the world. The Babylonian civilization came to be known for their contributions to architecture and the sciences. Hammurabi, the Babylonian king, was the first to introduce written laws and develop a legal structure for his subjects.

Mycenaean Greece

Old Kingdom of Egypt

In about 3200 BC, King Menes established the First Dynasty of Egypt by uniting the Upper and Lower Nile Valleys. The civilization of Egypt was highly advanced and remains a source of mystery and learning for archaeologists and historians. The development of the Mycenaean Civilization in Greece during the Bronze Age laid the foundation for the development of the Classical Greek civilization.

Bronze Age Collapse

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