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Battle of Uruk


The Battle of Uruk was the decisive battle between the ancient Akkadian Empire and Sumer over control in Mesopotamia. It is actually noted in history as being the first recorded battle. It ended with an Akkadian victory under Sargon the Great and the taking of the territory around Uruk and established the first empire in known history.

The Akkadian Empire that was born out of this conflict was able to unify the region and provide an assimilation between the two major cultures. While Sargon the Great was able to connect the region with roads and messaging systems, the language of the Sumerians lived on through their scribes and historians who began to adopt the first bilingual system of written and spoken word on the planet as well.

While the Akkadian Empire was brief, it is important to note this decisive battle in the development of civilization as we know it as it most likely is the first major war that led to the creation of an empire in the world.

Battle Overview

2271 BCAggressorDefender
EmpireAkkadian EmpireSumer
CommanderSargon the GreatLugal-Zage-Si
Military Strength~5,000Unknown
Deaths & InjuriesUnknownUnknown
VictoryAkkadian Empire


The only information about this battle was that existed based on an inscription in the city of Nippur. During his military campaign across Mesopotamia it is written that Sargon was able to sack and destroy the massive Sumerian city of Uruk, which boasted a population of 50,000 to 80,000 people.

The exact date of the Battle of Uruk is uncertain. According to the inscription the survivors from the Battle of Uruk fled to the surrounding fifty Sumerian provinces and joined under leader Lugal-Zage-Si. The Battle of Uruk led directly to a confrontation between these two leaders over complete control over the Mesopotamian region.

In another battle that ensued in 2271 BC, Sargon the Great claimed victory of the Sumerian forces and eventually was able to force the Sumerian army to retreat. Eventually Lugal-Zage-Si was captured by the Akkadians and the war was over. While apparently brief, this battle is very great for understanding perhaps one of the first documented decisive ancient wars of the period. These inscriptions besides archaeological evidence are our only first hand look this far back into history.


In fact this battle has a much more important legacy than just the immediate ramifications. This battle set in motion a series of events that would continue to reverberate throughout the world for centuries to come as civilizations realized what could happen to them eventually.

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