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First Mariote Kingdom


Mari is not considered a small settlement that later grew,[3] but rather a new city that was purposely founded during the Mesopotamian Early Dynastic period I c. 2900 BC, to control the waterways of the Euphrates trade routes that connect the Levant with the Sumerian south. [3][4] The city was built about 1 to 2 kilometers away from the Euphrates river to protect it from floods,[3] and was connected to the river by a man built canal that was between 7 and 10 kilometers long depending on which old meander it used to be attached with, which is hard to identify today.[5]The city is difficult to excavate, as it is buried deep under the later layers of habitation.[4] A defensive system against floods, composed of a circular embankment was unearthed,[4] in addition to a circular 6.7 m thick internal rampart to protect the city from enemies.[4] An area of 300 meters long filled with gardens and craftsmen quarters,[5] separated the outer embankment from the inner rampart which had a height of 8 to 10 meters, and was strengthened by defensive towers.[5] Other findings includes one of the city gates, a street beginning at the center and ending at the gate, in addition to residential houses.[4] Mari had a central mound,[6] however no temple or palaces have been unearthed,[4] although a large building that seem to have been an administrative one was unearthed, this building had stone foundations and dimensions of (32 meters X 25 meters), with rooms up to 12 meters long and 6 meters wide.[7] The city was abandoned at the end of the Early Dynastic period II c. 2550 BC for unknown reasons.[4]
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