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Lim Dynasty


The second millennium BC in the Fertile Crescent was characterized by the expansion of the Amorites, which culminated with them dominating and ruling most of the region,[60] including Mari which in c. 1830 BC, became the seat of the Amorite Lim dynasty under king Yaggid-Lim.[59][61] However, the Epigraphycal and archaeological evidences showed a high degree of continuity between the Shakkanakku and the Amorite eras.[note 8][51]Yaggid-Lim was the ruler of Suprum before establishing himself in Mari,[note 9][note 10][64] he entered an alliance with Ila-kabkabu of Ekallatum, but the relations between the two monarchs changed to an open war.[63][65] The conflict ended with Ila-kabkabu capturing Yaggid-Lim's heir Yahdun-Lim and according to a tablet found in Mari, Yaggid-Lim who survived Ila-kabkabu was killed by his servants.[note 11][63] However, in c. 1820 BC Yahdun-Lim was firmly in control as king of Mari.[note 12][65]Goddess of the vase. (18th century BC)Yahdun-Lim started his reign by subduing seven of his rebelling tribal leaders, and rebuilding the walls of Mari and Terqa in addition to building a new fort which he named Dur-Yahdun-Lim.[67] He then expanded west and claimed to have reached the Mediterranean,[68][69] however he later had to face a rebellion by the Banu-Yamina nomads who were centered at Tuttul, and the rebels were supported by Yamhad's king Sumu-Epuh, whose interests were threatened by the recently established alliance between Yahdun-Lim and Eshnunna.[54][68] Yahdun-Lim defeated the Yamina but an open war with Yamhad was avoided,[70] as the Mariote king became occupied by his rivalry with Shamshi-Adad I of Assyria, the son of the late Ila-kabkabu.[71] The war ended in a defeat for Mari,[71][72] and Yahdun-Lim was assassinated in c. 1798 BC by his possible son Sumu-Yamam,[73][74] who himself got assassinated two years after ascending the throne while Shamshi-Adad advanced and annexed Mari.[75]
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