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The lion of Mari. (22nd century BC)The first member of the Shakkanakku dynasty on the lists is Ididish who was appointed in c. 2266 BC,[note 7][40] according to the lists, Ididish ruled for 60 years,[41] and was succeeded by his son making the position hereditary.[42]The third Mari followed the second city in terms of general structure,[43] phase P0 of the old royal palace was replaced by a new palace for the Shakkanakku.[44] Another smaller palace was built in the eastern part of the city,[45] and contained royal burials that date to the former periods.[46] The ramparts were rebuilt and strengthened while the embankment was turned into a defensive wall that reached 10 meters in width.[44] The former sacred inclosure was maintained,[44] so was the temple of Ninhursag. However, the temples of Ninni-Zaza and Ishtarat disappeared,[44] while a new temple called the "temple of lions" (dedicated to Dagan),[47] was built by the Shakkanakku Ishtup-Ilum and attached to it, was a rectangular terrace (ziggurat) that measured 40 x 20 meters for sacrifices.[44][45][48]Akkad disintegrated following Shar-Kali-Sharri's reign,[49] and Mari gained its independence, but the use of the Shakkanakku title continued during the following Third Dynasty of Ur period.[50] A princess of Mari married the son of king Ur-Nammu of Ur,[51][52] and Mari was nominally under Ur hegemony.[53] However, the vassalage did not impede the independence of Mari,[54][55] and some Shakkanakkus used the royal title Lugal in their votive inscriptions, while using the title of Shakkanakku in their correspondence with the Ur's court.[56] The dynasty ended for unknown reasons not long before the establishment of the next dynasty, which took place in the second half of the 19th century BC.[57][58][59]


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