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Manishtushu or Manishtusu (or Maništušu) was a king of the Akkadian Empire from 2276 to 2261 BC.Biography[edit]Manishtushu was the son of Sargon of Akkad and Queen Tashlultum, brother of En-hedu-ana and the father of Naram-Sin. He was preceded by his younger brother Rimush, was assassinated by members of his own court, and was succeeded by his son Naram-Sin.Accomplishments[edit]Manishtusu obelisk - Louvre MuseumConquered the city of Shirasum in Elam, what is modern day West/Southwest Iran.Sailed a fleet down the Tigris River that eventually traded with 37 other nations as well as plundered silver mines.Rebuilt the destroyed temple of Ishtar in Nineveh 2260 BC.


Primary Sources

History Archive: Sumerian King List

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