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Nabu-shuma-ukin II


Nabu-suma-ukin II or Nabû-šuma-ukîn II was a king of Babylonia who was an usurper to the throne and only managed to rule for one month and two days in 732 BC before he was deposed by Nabu-mukin-zeri.

Nabû-šuma-ukîn IIKing of BabylonReign732 BCPredecessorNabû-nādin-zēriSuccessorNabû-mukin-zēriHouseDynasty of ENabû-šuma-ukîn II, inscribed m[d]Nabû-šuma-úkîn[i 1] or mŠuma-[úkîn],[i 2] whose complete name is only known from the Kinglist A, was an usurper and briefly king of Babylon for one month and two days during 732 BC before he was swept aside by his successor, Nabû-mukin-zēri.Biography[edit]His reign was so fleeting he was omitted from the Ptolemaic Canon.[1] His Assyrian contemporary was Tukultī-apil-Ešarra III who was too distracted campaigning in Syria to react to political events. He came to power as a disaffected former provincial governor leading a rebellion against Nabû-nādin-zēri, the son and successor of Nabû-Nasir.[2]He was deposed and replaced by the Chaldean chief, Nabû-mukin-zēri, of the Bīt-Amukani tribe, within weeks establishing a trend as later pretenders from the traditional Babylonian population were likewise to be displaced quickly by Chaldeans, Marduk-zakir-šumi II by Marduk-apla-iddina II in 703 BC and Nergal-ušezib by Mušezib-Marduk in 692 BC.[3]Inscriptions[edit]Jump up ^ Kinglist A, BM 33332, iv 5.Jump up ^ Chronicle on the Reigns from Nabû-Nasir to Šamaš-šuma-ukin (ABC 1), i 16–18.References[edit]Jump up ^ A. K. Grayson (1975). Assyrian and Babylonian chronicles. J. J. Augustin. p. 231.Jump up ^ J. A. Brinkman (1968). A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia, 1158-722 B.C. Analecta Orientalia. pp. 235–236.Jump up ^ J. A. Brinkman (1984). Prelude to Empire: Babylonian Society and Politics, 747-626 B.C. 7. Philadelphia: Occasional Publications of the Babylonian Fund. p. 23.
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