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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRimushKing of AkkadReignc. 2279 BC – 2270 BCPredecessorSargon of AkkadSuccessorManishtushuDynastyDynasty of AkkadFatherSargon of AkkadMotherTashlultumRimush (or Rimuš) was the second king of the Akkadian Empire. He was the son of Sargon of Akkad and Queen Tashlultum. He was succeeded by his brother Manishtushu, and was an uncle of Naram-Sin of Akkad.According to his inscriptions, he faced widespread revolts, and had to reconquer the cities of Ur, Umma, Adab, Lagash, Der, and Kazallu from rebellious ensis. There are also records of victorious campaigns against Elam and Barakhshe. A number of his votive offerings have been found in excavated temples in several Mesopotamian cities.[1]According to the Sumerian King List, his reign lasted 9 years (though variant copies read 7 or 15 years.) There is one surviving year-name for an unknown year in his reign: "Year in which Adab was destroyed". Tradition gives that he was assassinated, as the Bārûtu, “art of the diviner”, a first millennium compendium of extispicy, records “Omen of king Rimuš, whom his courtiers killed with their seals”.[2] He was succeeded by his "elder" brother Manishtushu, leading to speculation by Mario Liverani that the two were twins,[3] as in: man ištuśu? rïmuš! “Who is with him? His beloved!”, as apparently the second born was thought to be the first conceived.[4]Clay tablet which lists some victories of RimushAkkadian language cuneiform on Murex shell, with name of Rimush, 23rd century BCSee also[edit]Ancient Near East portalHistory of SumerReferences[edit]Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rimush.Jump up ^ Who's Who in the Ancient Near East - Page 137; by Gwendolyn LeickJump up ^ Ulla Koch-Westenholz (2000). Babylonian Liver Omens: The Chapters Manzazu, Padanu, and Pan Takalti of the Babylonian Extispicy Series Mainly from Assurbanipal's Library. Museum Tusculanum. p. 394.Jump up ^ Samuel Noah Kramer (2010-09-17). The Sumerians: Their History, Culture, and Character. University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0 226 45238 7.Jump up ^ Mario Liverani (2002). "Reviewed Work: Mesopotamien. Akkade-Zeit und Ur III-Zeit. Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 160/3 by Walther Sallaberger, Aage Westenholz, P. Attinger, M. Wäfler". Archiv für Orientforschung. 48/49: 180–181. JSTOR 41668552.Regnal titlesPreceded bySargon of AkkadKing of Akkadca. 2214 - 2206 BC (short)Succeeded byManishtushuKing of Kish, Uruk, Lagash, and Ummaca. 2214 - 2206 BC (short)Preceded byLuh-ishan of AwanOverlord of Elamca. 2214 - 2206 BC (short)
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