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Rusa IIIKing of UrartuReign629-615 BC or 590 BCPredecessorErimenaSuccessorSarduri IVIssueSarduri IVFatherErimenaRusa III was king of Urartu. He was called "Son of Erimena," meaning that he was probably a brother of Rusa II. Little is known about his reign; his name was inscribed on a massive granary at Armavir and on a series of bronze shields from the temple of Khaldi found at Rusahinili, now held in the British Museum.[1] According to the Armenian historian Moses of Chorene, Rusa's father Erimena can probably be identified with Paruyr Skayordi, who helped the Median king Cyaxares to conquer Assyria, for which Cyaxares recognized him as the king of Armenia, although the Medes ultimately reneged on this; significantly later, during the reign of King Astyages, the Medes conquered and annexed Armenia.Rusa was the father of Sarduri IV.See also[edit]Ancient Near East portalList of kings of UrartuReferences[edit]Jump up ^ Gwendolyn, Who's Who in the Ancient Near East, p. 137
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