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Sarduri IIKing of UrartuReign764-735 BCPredecessorArgishti ISuccessorRusa IIssueRusa IFatherArgishti IDetail from quiver ascribed to Sarduri IISarduri II (ruled 764-735 BC) was a King of Urartu. The Urartian Kingdom was at its peak during his reign. He succeeded his father Argishti I to the throne.Sardur II was so confident in his power that he erected a massive wall at Tushpa (modern-day Van) with the following inscription:"the magnificent king, the mighty king, king of the universe, king of the land of Nairi, a king having none equal to him, a shepherd to be wondered at, fearing no battle, a king who humbled those who would not submit to his authority."He was succeeded by his son, Rusa I.See also[edit]Ancient Near East portalList of kings of UrartuReferences[edit]M. Chahin (2001) "The Kingdom of Armenia", ISBN 0-7007-1452-9, Chapter 8: ""Sarduri II (753-735 BC): The Golden Age of Vannic power
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