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List of Phoenician city-states and colonies[edit]This is a list of cities of Phoenicia proper, modern-day Lebanon, coastal Syria and northern Israel/Palestine and those cities founded or developed by the Phoenicians in the Levant / Eastern Mediterranean area, North Africa, Europe, and the islands of the Mediterranean Sea.Levant[edit]Lebanon[edit]Sur - One of the two leading-city states of Phoenicia and the most important seaportSydon - One of the two leading city-states of PhoeniciaAmpiAmiaArqaBaalbekBotrysBerutGebal - One of the oldest sites of civilizationSareptaTripoli, LebanonSyria[edit]ArvadUgaritLatakia - also known by its Phoenician name was RamithaPalestinePalestine[edit]AcreAshkelonJaffaHaifaEastern Mediterranean[edit]Turkey[edit]Myriandrus - in modern-day TurkeySam'al - Cilicia; in modern-day Turkey. Fortress city protecting the trade route to AnatoliaKaratepeFinike - historically known as PhoenicusCyprus[edit]Kition, also known as Citium (in Latin).North Africa[edit]Algeria[edit]TipazaLibya[edit]OeaSabrathaLeptis Magna - major city on the Libyan coastlineMorocco[edit]LixusMogadorTangierTunisia[edit]Carthage - the most powerful of the Phoenician settlements, eventually being destroyed by the RomansUtica - earliest settlement in AfricaHippo Diarrhytus - now Bizerte, the northernmost city in AfricaHadrumetumLeptis ParvaThapsusKerkouaneZama Regia - the last place Hannibal fought and the place where his first and only major defeat occurredVagaEurope / Elsewhere[edit]Italy[edit]GenoaMotyaSoluntumVeniceLilybaeum, also known as MarsalaNoraSulcisTharrosOlbiaCagliariPalermoMalta[edit]MdinaRabatBurmula, (Bormla/Cospicua)De Soldanis/G.F. Abela/Achille FerrisPortugal[edit]Lisbon[1][2][3]Spain[edit]Cádiz also known as Gades - earliest Phoenician settlement in SpainCartagena - the capital city founded by Hamilcar Barca of Carthage after conquering the Iberian tribesAlmuñécarLa Fonteta (Guardamar del Segura)TrayamarBaria(Villaricos)AbderaMálagaHuelvaIbizaLixusBarcelona (according to one legend another says it's Greek)LebrijaSan RoqueTarragonaSources[edit]Phoenicia - From the Encyclopedia of the OrientReferences[edit]Jump up ^ Peter Whitfield (2005). Cities of the World: A History in Maps. University of California Press. p. 99. ISBN 978-0-520-24725-3.Jump up ^ Nathan Laughlin Pilkington (2013). "An Archaeological History of Carthaginian Imperialism". Academic Commons, Columbia University. p. 170. Retrieved 19 August 2014.Jump up ^ David Wright; Patrick Swift (1 January 1971). Lisbon: a portrait and a guide. Barrie and Jenkins. p. 150. ISBN 978-0-214-65309-4.


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