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Shar-Kali-Sharri was a king of the Akkadian Empire and the son of Narem-Sin. His name translated means "king of kings and he reigned for about 25 or 25 years and was succeeded by Dudu possibly following a period of social unrest. He was successful in launching military campaigns against Gutium, Amurru, Elam. He is also known for helping build up the cities of Nippur and Babylon and constructed temples, monuments and other structures. Not much else is known about his reign but there may have been a period of civil wars following his abdication or death. The Sumerian king list describes the next kings as:

"Then who was king? Who was not the king? Igigi, Imi, Nanum, Ilulu: four of them ruled for only 3 years."

However, soon king Dudu would ascend to the throne of the empire but this would spell the imminent end for the Akkadian civilization. The following two leaders of the Akkadian Empire would later be overthrown by an ethnic dynasty from Sumer known as the 2nd Dynasty of Lagash. The dynasty from the city of Lagash would be quickly overthrown and power would shift around from Uruk and Ur before collapsing completely.


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Primary Sources

History Archive: Sumerian King List

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