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Apil-Sin was an Amorite ruler of the First Dynasty of Babylon between 1767 BC and 1749 BC. Not much is known about Apil-Sin and his rule other than by analyzing the large quantity of transaction documents. It is believed by historians and archaeologists that the civilization of Babylonia was not much more than a city-state at this time as Apil-Sin and Sin-Muballit never refer to themselves as king, showing Babylon was most likely a small political entity at this time.

Apil-Sin passed down rule to his son Sin-Muballit who in turn passed it on to his grandson, the famous Hammurabi. It is important to note that Hammurabi would be the one to claim an empire for Babylon and call himself king by defeating the Elamites and the ancient Sumerian cities of Ur, Isin and Larsa.

It is a noteworthy fact that in the large numbers of business documents that have come down to us out of this first dynasty of Babylon, none of the rulers down to Apil-Sin is called king and Sin-Muballit only in the form of a passing allusion in one single tablet. It is difficult to explain this fact unless we accept the view that the real kingdom of Babylon did not begin until Hammurabi had driven out the Elamites and so won for himself the title borne by the old kings of Ur, Isin, and Larsa.— A History of Babylonia and Assyria, Volume I[2]See also[edit]Ancient Near East portalBabyloniaReferences[edit]Jump up ^ [1] Year names of Apil-Sin of BabylonJump up ^ Robert William Rogers, A History of Babylonia and Assyria, Volume I, Eaton and Mains, 1900.Regnal titlesPreceded bySabiumKing of Babylon1767 BC-1749 BCSucceeded bySin-MuballitApil-SinTitleKing of BabylonTermc. 1767 - 1749 BC short chronologyPredecessorSabiumSuccessorSin-MuballitChildrenSin-Muballit

First Dynasty of Babylon

King NameReign
Sumu-Abum1830—1817 BC
Sumu-la-El1817—1781 BC
Sabium1781—1767 BC
Apil-Sin1767—1749 BC
Sin-Muballit1748—1729 BC
Hammurabi1728—1686 BC
Samsu-iluna1686—1648 BC
Abi-Eshuh1648—1620 BC
Ammi-Ditana1620—1583 BC
Ammi-Saduqa1582—1562 BC
Samsu-Ditana1562—1531 BC
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