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Ammi-Saduqa, also spelled Ammisaduqa or Ammizaduga was an Amorite king of the First Dynasty of Babylon between 1582 BC and 1562 BC BC according to the Short Chronology and between 1646 BC and 1626 BC BC on the Middle Chronology. During his reign over Babylonia there was general peace and prosperity even if the overall trend was the collapse of the Old Babylonian Empire that was founded by Hammurabi.

He succeeded his father Ammi-Ditana in rule and for the first seventeen years of his reign Ammi-Saduqa was responsible for expanding and restoring many of the great temples as well as engaging in other public works building projects. During his eleventh year he built a massive wall at the mouth of the Euphrates. He is known to have built many other buildings in Babylon as well.

Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa

See Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa

Due to Ammi-Saduqa we are actually able to date several of the reigns of the previous Babylonian kings and thus their contemporaries in Mesopotamia. Using an artifact known as the Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa researchers were able to develop chronologies for the region using artifacts and evidence in an attempt to date the rule and history of each civilization.

Regnal titlesPreceded byAmmi-DitanaKing of Babylon1582 BC-1562 BCSucceeded bySamsu-Ditana

First Dynasty of Babylon

King NameReign
Sumu-Abum1830—1817 BC
Sumu-la-El1817—1781 BC
Sabium1781—1767 BC
Apil-Sin1767—1749 BC
Sin-Muballit1748—1729 BC
Hammurabi1728—1686 BC
Samsu-iluna1686—1648 BC
Abi-Eshuh1648—1620 BC
Ammi-Ditana1620—1583 BC
Ammi-Saduqa1582—1562 BC
Samsu-Ditana1562—1531 BC
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